Update: S.H. Figuarts Freeza First Form & Pod Announcement

“My fighting power is 530,000. But of course I don’t want to fight you with full power, so don’t worry …” Under the supervision of the original author Akira Toriyama, “Freeza 1st Form & Freeza Pod” S.H.Figuarts conversion.

“Freeza First Form & Freeza Pod” is now available at S.H.Figuarts. Under the supervision of Akira Toriyama, the main body and the inside of the freezer pod are also precisely modeled. In addition to 4 types of replacement facial parts, effect parts for reproducing Super Nova are included. Two patterns can be reproduced, one with the scouter attached and one with the scouter removed. When boarding the Freeza Pod, the upper body is detachably reproduced to reproduce the size and balance in the play.

This is another new figure as they have been releasing final form Freeza as well as Golden Freeza for a while now. Price is 8800 yen with a release date of April, 2021 so this will probably be around $90 here in the US with a release date of May, 2021. I like the pod accessory here and wonder if final form Freeza will be able to fit in this as well? Let me know what you think of this release and if you plan to pre-order. This story will be updated when BBTS or EKnight starts pre-orders.

Update 11/7: BBTS released the pre-order information and this figure will cost $87.99 not including tax or shipping and will ship in May of 2021.

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