Update: S.H. Figuarts Cui

Update 10/27/2023: Looks like Cui is available for pre-order on Premium Bandai USA for $60 not including taxes or shipping!



This was a bit of stealth announcement last night as Bandai had images of this figure on their social network platforms. Cui will go well together with the recently announced Namek Vegeta with 24000 power level. If you’re a Vegeta fan, you will appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into this release as this Character is not in series for very long. The consensus on Facebook is that there are way more characters that were deserving of a release, but this is really a nod of respect to the Prince. As you may remember the moved on from the Namek characters earlier this year and was suppose to be in the Cell saga with many fans wanting a Kid Buu, which will most likely release when they cover the Buu characters. Cui was unexpected as there were no prototypes unlike King Cold, which hasn’t been announced yet. Hopefully they also do a second form Zarbon as well to round out all the characters Vegeta kills on Planet Namek.

This figure will go on sale on Friday, October 27th at a cost of 7700 yen and an availability of July, 2024. I will update once pre-orders go up, but this doesn’t look like a Premium Bandai release. For now, enjoy the pictures below:

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