Possible World Record For Purchase of Dragon Ball Collectable Cards

As I’m sure many of you are, I am a member of several Dragon Ball collecting themed groups on Facebook. Most of them are what you’d expect, but a few groups in particular tend to be host of better content than others. Today one of those groups delivered a post that caught my attention above all others.

A member of Dragon Ball Collectors United made a post claiming that the highest valued transaction in Dragon Ball collectable card history occurred recently in Honk Kong. The alleged transaction was brokered by a shop in the city called “Collective Memories” and both the buyer and seller wish to remain anonymous.

This is understandable considering the purchase price was claimed to have been finalized at an incredible 1,200,000 HKD, which as of the date of this article’s publication is $153,253.80 USD. Making an even larger case for those curious as to what exactly composed the collection.

I do want to stress that all we have as evidence is a Facebook post, with some accompanying pictures. It is also stated in the original post that the entirety of the purchased lot’s contents are unknown. Some small details are revealed, but none of it is enough to truly give us an idea of the collection’s magnitude. Admittedly, my imagination wanted to run wild when I read that the lot was the culmination of 30+ years of collecting.

Here’s a screen shot of the original posting, please understand that we have censored names for purposes of privacy:

Record Price for Dragon Ball Cards Collection


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