Official Photos of all the Tamashii Nations SDCC / DB Tour Exclusives

The official photos for all of the S.H. Figuarts exclusives for this year’s San Diego Comic Con and Dragon Ball Tour are here. Additionally, pricing for each exclusive has been released, so if you plan to attend make sure you budget yourself wisely!

San Diego Comic Con takes place Jul 19, 2018 – Jul 22, 2018 at the San Diego convention center.

The Dragon Ball Tour has several dates and locations:

  1. San Diego Comic Con (San Diego, CA) – Jul. 19 – Jul. 22
  2. Otakon (Washington DC) – Aug. 10 – Aug. 12
  3. FAN EXPO CANADA (Toronto, Canada) – Aug. 30 – Sept. 2
  4. Rose City Comic Con (Portland, OR) – Sept. 7 – Sept. 9
  5. New York Comic Con (New York, NY) – Oct. 4 – Oct. 7
  6. Dallas Fan Days (Dallas, TX) – Oct. 19 – Oct 21
  7. (Last Date of the Dragon Ball Tour has yet to be revealed)


Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito

Price: $60.00



Price: $75.00


Perfect Cell

Price: $60.00

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  1. I hate that Vegetto is still using that tired old mold. They could’ve just used the one from the God Goku and changed the boots and arms. Those old knees are terrible.

  2. They just updated the SD venue and it looks like it will be open air right in front of a hotel. Doesn’t seem like you need Comicon tickets to see it…might go now…

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