October Amusement Prize Figures

A bit late, but better than never is this month’s list of Amusement figures, which you can pre-order directly from BBTS.

Dragon Ball Z Q Posket Android 18 Version A Version B

There are two version of this figure in two different colors and they each retail for $24.99 with a release date of this month!

Dragon Ball Z Maximatic Super Saiyan Goku Vol.4

This also retails for $24.99 with an October release date.

Dragon Ball Glitter & Glamours Bulma III (Ver.A) (Ver.B)

And this is the latest release of this Bulma figure in two different colors at $24.99 each with an October release.

Dragon Ball GT Super Saiyan 4 Goku – Same price and release as the others.

Dragon Ball GT World Collectable Figure Vol.2 Box of 6 Figures

This is the only thing a little bit different as the cost is more at $44.99 and there are six different figures pictured below:

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