New Dimension of Dragon Ball Broly Photos and Release Date

Dimension of Dragon Ball Broly

MegaHouse’s Dimension of Dragon Ball Broly figure is slated for a July release this year and we have a new photo to share with you! In this advertisement you can see finer details of the figure as well as how it scales against the Dimension of Dragon Ball Goku figure.

The D.O.D. Broly figure comes with pants made of a cloth material, much like the other figures in the line and a removable necklace. Check out the photo below!

Dimension of Dragon Ball Broly
Dimension of Dragon Ball Broly
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  1. How can it be released April 18, 2015? Son Goku (Black haired version) comes out next and he is scheduled to be released April 30, 2015. Surely they aren’t going to release them that closely together. Plus, Goku has been up for preorder for awhile. Where is the preorder for Broly if he suppose to come out in April?

    • We’re going to re-check our source on that release date. For now the article is going to stick to the July release. I may have gotten mistranslated information from someone who translates for me. Sorry about that!

      • It’s no problem. Most sites that I have been on state that he is scheduled for a late July release but I understand wanting to check your sources just to make sure. 🙂

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