Update 2: Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball EX Fierce Battle Tenkaichi Budokai

Update 2: It looks like there was a bit of a mix up but Son Goku without the turban and umbrella is actually the last one prize and the double chance prize is a variant of the announcer, but they did not show the figure. Will update if they do.

Update 10/4: It looks like the Announcer will be the D prize so all that is left is the Last One Prize, which will most likely release tomorrow.

For the past week, the Ichiban Kuji social media team has been releasing the prizes for the Dragon Ball EX Tenkaichi Budokai figures that will release in February of 2024. This series features characters from the very beginning of Dragon Ball Z after Goku returns to compete in the Tenkaichi Tournament. The following are the figures released thus far:

A Prize: Masterlise Son Goku

B Prize: Masterlise Chichi

C Prize: Masterlise Piccolo

D Prize: Masterlise Announcer

E Prize: Dragon Archives

Last One Prize: Masterlise Son Goku

Double Chance Campaign Prize: Announcer

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