Ichiban Kuji – Dragon Ball Back To The Film is Coming!

Ichiban Kuji is releasing a series of figures based on the Dragon Ball Z and Super movies. There are a total of eight figures and some none figure prizes including pouches, rubber coasters, and illustration sheets.

I would have preferred they separated this into two sets with one being characters from Dragon Ball Z and another from Dragon Ball Super. As it stands, I feel the characters are a bit mish mashed without any theme besides the fact they appeared in a Dragon Movie.

In Japan, Ichiban Kuji work on a raffle system where you pay 680 yen for a ticket and you scratch it to see which prize you win. Here in the US, you can buy the figures directly from retailers like Big Bad Toy Store. Below are a list of prizes.

A Prize: Super Saiyan Broly Full Power Figure (Sold Out)

B Prize: Super Gogeta Figure ($35.99)

C Prize: Super Saiyan Broly Figure (Sold Out)

D Prize: Super Saiyan God Vegeta Figure ($35.99)

E Prize: Golden Frieza Figure ($35.99)

F Prize: Cooler (Final Form) Figure (Sold Out)

Last-One Prize: Super Saiyan Broly Full Power Figure (Has slightly more metallic sheen on paint)

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