Heredia Clothing Creates Prototype of Future Trunks Jacket

Heredia Clothing Future Trunks Jacket

Mexican clothing company, Heredia Clothing, is famous for their Dragon Ball Z themed shoes. But now it seems they’re moving on to other articles of clothing that are inspired by the well loved anime.

Today they revealed a prototype of their “Future Trunks Jacket” which is modeled exactly after the jacket we see Future Trunks wearing in Dragon Ball Z. Though the jacket is not on sale yet, it’s very possible it will be as the company is trying to gauge public opinion on the jacket.

Heredia Clothing Future Trunks Jacket

Unfortunately Heredia doesnt have the proper license to distribute their products outside of Mexico, however, their products are readily available (at a mark up) on secondary markets.

Heredia Clothing Future Trunks Jacket

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