Glitter and Glamours Launch II

In the Dragon Ball collecting world, it’s difficult to find figures of female characters without them being hyper sexualized. This line, Glitter and Glamours, isn’t innocent. But this particular release; Launch II, might be one of my favorite Launch figures ever produced. Part of this is due to its own merits in terms of sculpt and design, but also due in part to how it avoids the overly sexualized styling that we see so prevalent in this hobby. In short; it’s a breath of fresh air.

Measuring in at an admirable 9.84 inches and coming in two versions, this figure is worth paying attention to. As you may be familiar, Launch is a character with two sides to her personality. She can be her normal self, with blue hair, or she can become angry and voracious and assume a blonde hair coloring. This figure is available in both forms, titled as Version A and Version B.

The figure is set for release in North America for May, 2020. But if you’re living in Japan, (or ordering through Japanese outlets) it’ll be released a month earlier in April. Each version is priced the same, with an MSRP of $24.99.

The Details:

Release Date:
Japan – April, 2020
North America – May, 2020
Height: 9.84 inches
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Line: Glitter and Glamours
Character: Launch

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