FoolsParadise x ZCWO Tmall – YeLLowfool

So in addition to the mainstream figure brands like S.H. Figuarts, Banpresto, and X-Plus, all pretty much all under the Bandai umbrella, I sometime browse designer figures made by individual designers and today this thing popped up on my Facebook feed. Not sure what to think of this, but this is an interesting collaboration to combine Homer Simpson and SSB Goku. Don’t really understand the concept, and dont even think this is licensed, but this is a huge figure at 50cm about 20inches, similar to X-Plus sizing, but YeLLowfool is also Majin Buu wide too so this will have a big impact on your display. Price is close to X-Plus category too at $235 with a ship date of September 2020! There is a SSJ3 version as well and other creations you can find on their website.