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  • Steve Kissel

    So I’ve been thinking about getting a figuarts piccolo but I feel like this one will more accurately represent the size difference. any opinions?

    • Joe Martin

      I got a figuart Vegeta and I was very disappointed by the size and the R arm to push in was already damaged and the R arm will not stay in place if I try to move it.
      these figure rise are great. I have SSGSS Goku and SS Gohan. the models are great, the pieces are a well fit, they move fine, the instructions work incredibly well with detail.
      I already ordered Trunks, Piccolo, and normal Son Goku..I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the figure rise compared to Figuart just for size and you know all the parts will be okay because you are putting it together.
      I cant wait for more Figure Rise. when they make Goku Black ill scream

      • Steve Kissel

        Ive gotten multiple figuarts and they’ve all been excellent. If your figuart is damaged you can contact them for repair. Figure Rise models look too goofy for me.

  • Michael

    Has this figure been released yet? I Pre-ordered one back in April, and it’s coming up in June without it being shipped out to me yet. I see the release date on the article was April 21st.