Dragon Ball Super Manga #64 – Son Goku, Galactic Patrol

This month’s Dragon Ball Super manga released early so you can check it out here or here! I’m not gonna go into it too much this time because it is all action this month and oh is it awesome. You’re just going to have to read it…

In short, Goku perfects Ultra Instinct and gives Moro a beatdown. Moro tries to consume the planet, but Goku kicks him so hard he is crushed by a boulder and is begging for help. He asks Jaco if Moro was sentenced to death, which Jaco confirms. Then he tears off his Galactic Patrol patch and wants to fight Moro as a human. As Beerus sees this, he gets a bad feeling.

This scene is reminiscent of a scene from Journey to the West, the Chinese novel that Goku is based off of when the Buddhist Monk finds Sun Wukong or Goku trapped under a rock for his misdeeds. He is freed from the rock and is forever indebted to the monk and helps him in his journey.

Not sure how this will play out but my guess is Goku loses UI or he forgives Moro only to have him come back and gain the edge. Leave a note if you have any ideas for the next chapter. In the meantime, check out this awesome scene from this months issue. This is Toyotarou taking a page out of Street Fighter…

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