Dragon Ball News for the Week of May 9th

Good Morning Dragon Ball Fans!

It’s another Monday and today is special day as May 9th is Piccolo Commemoration Day. Originally, May 9th was Goku day so im not sure why they added Piccolo to this day as well and why there isn’t a Vegeta day, but apparently its because he was born.

For Dragon Ball news, Victory Uchida is back from his Golden Week vacation and is reporting today. Not much in news though except for Saikyo Jump review from last week and Super Dragon Ball Heroes later this week.

Anyways, hope you all have a Super Week!

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  1. 5/9 is Piccolo Day because it’s the day Piccolo Daimaoh became usurped the throne as king of the world in the original Dragonball. To celebrate, he planned on holding a lottery each year on 5/9 where he’d select a new random island or continent to obliterate. Good thing Gokou killed him.

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