Dragon Ball Legends Collab: Son Goku

I’m honestly surprised it has taken this long for a proper “Yardrat Goku” figure to be released. Considering how iconic this particular Goku design is, why has it received such little attention?

I’d always felt that releasing a quality Yardrat Goku figure would be a great way to cash in on the hype that surrounds the legendarily rare “Full Action Pose: Yardrat Goku”, which has been considered to be the rarest figure in Dragon Ball history:

Full Action Pose Yardrat Goku

But none the less, here we are, finally receiving a nice looking Yardrat Goku of some kind. While I lament that this wasn’t saved for a figure line that features articulation, I’ll take what I can get.

The figure features a unique pose, at least compared to the typical “hands down by the side, with hands forming fists”, that we’re used to seeing. It also measures in at a height of 23cm and will first appear in Game Centers across Japan.

Another interesting talking point is seen in the lower left of the photo below. This tells us that the July, 2020 Dragon Ball Legends Collab release will be Trunks!

Dragon Ball Legends Collab Son Goku

The Details:

Manufacturer: Banpresto / Bandai Spirits
Release Date: May, 2020
Height: 23cm

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