Dragon Ball Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Prize Lottery

November 3rd of this year Dragon Ball will be celebrating it’s 30th anniversary of it’s launch in Shonen Jump magazine. In honor of this event an Ichiban Kuji Prize Lottery has been set up, featuring a multitude of items that vary in rarity. Tickets for the prize lottery will begin being sold at Japanese convenience stores and are prized at 620¥.

30thanni For a complete listing of the prizes offered click “Continue Reading” below!

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  1. I have nearly the whole set! I really lucked out today and was able to swoop in and buy the rest of the tickets to get the “Last Chance” Goku. Those key chains are a double pain in the ass. Not only do you have to pay for a random prize, the packaging for the key chains are sealed boxes with no indication as to which key chain is inside. Not sure what to do with all this extra stuff, though.

    • Oh, and also, this article lists the pillow as being two separate prizes, when in fact it is the same pillow, just a different design on either side.

      • Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll go fix that right away. If you have photos of the missing keychain feel free to e-mail those to me and I’ll add that to the article as well. Thanks for commenting!

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