Desktop Real McCoy 3.5 (Recolor)

Desktop Real McCoy 3.5

MegaHouse’s Desktop Real McCoy line of figures is at it again with the recolors. Their volume 3 figure of Bulma on a motorcycle is being recolored and repackaged as version 3.5. The figure will make it’s debut at the Autumn Hobby Expo 2015 in Akiba Square, but will other wise be sold as a web exclusive.

The figure will remain in the same exact length it was in its original form, at 17cm and will retail for 7,000JPY.

Desktop Real McCoy 3.5

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a little tired of all the recolors from the Desktop Real McCoy line. This line used to be considered quite rare and valuable before all the re-releases and recolors. Now it just feels cheapened and watered down, though I can’t deny the quality of the line.

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