DBZ HQZ Plus Frieza 4th Form 1/4 Scale Limited Edition Statue by TSUME

BBTS just released this very nice looking and expensive statue from TSUME for pre-order. It depicts 4th Form Frieza about to throw his Planet Killer attack. This scene is from the Namek arc when he is fighting Goku.

This statue will release in the 2nd Quarter of 2023, that’s almost two years away, at a cost of $1499.99 with a $225 Non-Refundable Down Payment required. I guess this will give you enough time to sell a kidney or donate plasma to put together the funds for this. Figure is also limited to 4000 units, at the BBTS list price that would be 6 million dollars in statues – wow!

Product Features

  • 18.5 W x 20.5 D x 30 H inches (47cm x 52cm x 76cm)
  • 1/4 Scale
  • Made of polyresin and other materials
  • From the Dragon Ball Z anime
  • 3 LED sequences: Fixed light, 2 second loops, & 20 second sequence
  • Features translucent materials for  the energy blast and water
  • Limited edition of 4000 pieces

Box Contents

  • Frieza statue
  • Numbered plate
  • Certificate of authenticity