Banpresto Lab

Looks like banprestro is taking a page out of the Bandai playbook and is opening a showroom in Akihabara to display their figures starting on December 18th. Full press release below:

On Saturday, December 18th, 2021, prize-figure maker Banpresto opened its new figure exhibition space, BANPRESTO LAB, in SEEKBASE (Akihabara Station, Chiyoda District, Tokyo)!

BANPRESTO LAB is a new permanent exhibition space where more than 50 of Banpresto’s newest figures will be on display at any given time.
Ordinarily, fans have to wait to unbox the latest figures for themselves to get a proper look at them, but at the BANPRESTO LAB, you’ll be able to see all the figures dominating your wish list up close and in the flesh!

There are too many awesome figures on display to count, but we’re pretty sure we got a glimpse of the “Dragon Ball Z MAXIMATIC THE VEGETA II” figure that’s set for release in December! Plus, the exhibition space features massive dioramas adorned with figures that bring the world of Dragon Ball to life like never before!

The figures on display are scheduled to change once a month from here on out, so be sure to plan repeat visits to stay in the know with all the latest figures on offer!