3/1/2021 Weekly Dragon Ball News

This week’s Weekly Dragon Ball News devoted much of the coverage to the upcoming Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour, and online event that seems to have come out of nowhere and will be happening this Saturday (US Time)/Sunday (Japan Time). This event revolves around the following three games: Dragon Ball Fighters Z, Dragon Ball Super Card Game, and Dragon Ball Legends. They built this online viewing arena with a giant Oozaru of Vegeta and viewers can create an avatar for this event and use it to cheer on the participants in the games.

For DBFZ, participants come from five regions, Spain, US-East, US-West, France, and of course Japan. Noticeably missing from the US is Sonicfox, who is one of the top players in this game. Format wont be region against region, but they will draft teams with one player from each region and then battle that way. For the other two games, they got the champions from 2019 because there were no tournaments in 2020 due to Covid so we should see some exciting battles.

In addition to watching these games, users can cheer with icons and also shooting Kamehamehas with their avatars. There are also three special areas, one of which is a Diorama Art and the other being Mosaic Art. I assume that anyone anywhere in the world will be able to create and account and participate and they did mention you will be able to view via computer or cell phone. They still have some announcements for Dragon Ball fans which the producer mentioned will be revealed later.

As for the special S.H. Figuarts Clone Goku figure, I am 99% certain this is a Japan only figure as I tried to create and account to purchase, but I was region locked out so hopefully BBTS will have this. Anyways, hope to see some of your avatars at this online even this weekend.