12/21/2020 Dragon Ball News

This week’s Dragon Ball news talked about Jump Festa Online 2021 this past weekend where they released two new characters for DBZ fighters. SSJ4 Goget as well as Super Baby 2. Then they talked about the latest VJump release with issue 67 of the Dragon Ball Super manga that we covered here earlier. Dragon Ball Legends as well as a Piccolo Daimyo statue with him spitting out an egg will release on 12/22 as well as the Goku Bardock dual Kamehameha figure on 12/24. Other figures include Dragon Ball Item Collection 1, UDM Burst 45, and HG Dragon Ball Super 80 – Androids. The feature this week was the Goku and Bardock figure and it looks like a special color version with both figures. I thought the tie dye box looked pretty cool. That’s it for this week.

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