Enter A Chance to BUY 5th Anniversary Pure Silver Card

Just got this email from Premium Bandai and you can enter a raffle of sorts for a chance to buy one of 555 Secret Rare 5th Anniversary Pure Silver Card for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. Now if this card was 200 or even 300 dollars, I could justify it, but they want $1100 for this card. For this price, this better come graded at a 9.8 or higher. You have until August 8th to enter the drawing and i assume they will notify you after that, but no word when.

So just to do some research, silver is trading for about 18.61 per ounce today and for 1100, you can purchase about 59 ounces, which is roughly 3.7 pounds. Now i dont think this card will have that much silver in it…maybe a few ounces at most. But let me know if the comments if you plan to buy this so i know you have a lot of money burning a hole in your wallet.

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