Weekly Dragon Ball News for the Week of December 6th

It has been a hectic past couple of days as I finished one of my biggest project at work and now I’m ready for the holidays. Before that, we have a new episode of Weekly Dragon Ball News. This week is a special extra long episode featuring Toyotaro sensei as he answers questions submitted by fans. On a side note, I dont really know why he uses the avatar as there are pictures of him online.

Victory Uchida talks with Toyotaro about Dragon Ball Super and asks him various questions like his favorite move, favorite character to draw, how he approaches drawing female characters, etc. One of the more interesting questions has to do with how he handles drawing left facing characters. I never really thought of this one, but if you are right handed, it is typically easier to draw characters facing the left. He gave some techniques like using digital imaging to flip left facing figures to right, but encouraged artists to practice drawing right facing characters or else you will never be able to do it. He also gave the names of all the Galatic Patrol members and they all have to do with fish.

Finally, Toyotaro will be releasing the first colored illustration of Ultra Ego Vegeta at Jump Fest later this month so I am definitely looking forward to that. To watch the entire episode, visit the following LINK ->