Weekly Dragon Ball News 6/21/2021

The latest episode of Weekly Dragon Ball News is available now and this week we have the following:

Dragon Ball Kakorot is Releasing for the Nintendo Switch on September 22nd. Still a few months away, but at least its coming.

6/21″: V Jump August Issue released yesterday and we posted about the latest chapter in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

6/25: Master Roshi will be released in the Dragon Star Series for $19.99 and Cell and SSJ Gohan will release for the larger Limit Breaker Series fo $14.99

Fourth Week in June: Gashopon HG Dragon Ball Series 9 featuring characters from the original Broly movie.

6/26: SH Figuarts SSJ Goku will release. For those who pre-ordered this in the US, we will probably see this ship out sometime in July.

6/24: Game Center Figures include Match Makers Android 18, Dragon Ball Item Collection 2, and Clearise SSB Goku.

Watch the entire episode HERE!

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