Weekly Dragon Ball News 6/14/2021

This week’s Dragon Ball News just released and there are some new figures.

First a recap of the main news from last week and that is the new DLC pack for Dragon Ball Kakarot featuring Future Trunks.

Next we have Series 5 of the Dragon Ball Super Warrior Figures featuring OG Broly, Adult Gohan, UI Sign Goku, UI Goku, SSB Vegeta, Kid Goku and two version of Shenron. This set features metallic paint in certain figurtes and Kid Goku has a special attachment so you can pose like in the sticker below. We will update when preorders open at BBTS.

Next up is the preview for DBS 73 manga showing a fight scene in the forest between Goku and Granolah. Click here to view the scans!

Finally, we have Super Saiyan Trunks in the Match Makers Figure Series. This is already available for pre-order at BBTS for 26.99 with a July release. You can get yours here!

And you can view the entire episode here!

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