This Has Been An Expensive Month For My Figure Addiction

If youre like me, collecting DBZ figures is like catching pokemon, once youre in it, you gotta buy them all and the number of figures released this month has made my wallet much lighter and heres hoping that this trend doesnt continue going forward.

Two things happened this month to cause this. First was the release of S.H. Figuarts Porunga. Now you didn’t have to pay for this all at once, but you did have to pay a deposit to pre-order and the rest wont come due until next year so that is good. The second was the Figuarts SDCC exclusives and those you had to pay for up front and if you bought all four figures that was a $400 hit.

Then there was the Super Hero Figuarts Piccolo figure that came out earlier this month and that wasn’t too bad at $50, but i also pre-ordered the X-Plus Turles figure which is about another $250 or so.

I still havent pre-order the Figuarts Turles figure, but when i do that its another 90 or so but i can do that next month. So all together that is a huge chunk of change. Let me know in the comments whats the most you spent in a month for figures and what you ordered?

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