Thanksgiving Week News

To all our readers in the US, we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy watching SSGSS Goku float down the street during the Macy’s Day Parade. And to our non-US viewers, we hope you had a good week.

Today is black friday here in the US as well and there aren’t a whole lot of figure related sales, but some of the most notable was free shipping on Premium Bandai USA, I used this to purchase zarbon. Also DBZ Kakorot for the switch is half off at Walmart, and finally, BBTS has the SDCC Dragon Balls on sale, which i will also be picking up since i dont have this yet (they also have some non-DB stuff listed as well)!

BBTS also announced four new pre-orders for Super Hero Vegeta, Super Hero Goku, Sold Works Vegito, and Solid Works SS Vegito – all with a may 2022 release date, hmmm wonder if thats when the movie will drop?

I’m kinda surprised that there were no new Figuarts announced yet, but maybe they are waiting till after black Friday to make a new announcement. And if you ordered Tien Shin Han and Namek Bulma from PB, both figures have been delayed until December. Most likely stuck on ships waiting to be unloaded.