Future Trunks Confirmed to Return in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks

Fan favorite Future Trunks is set for a return in an upcoming saga of Dragon Ball Super. This has all been confirmed to begin June 12th, as per the official Dragon Ball Super Twitter account.

The revealing tweet alludes that a new enemy has appeared in the future and caused Trunks to, yet again, travel back in time to warn everyone of what is to come.

Anyone else think his scarf looks a little like the one Android 17 used to wear?


Check out the official tweet and the official character design, drawn by Akira Toriyama himself.

【ドラゴンボール超ニュース①】 6月12日 “未来”トランクス編スタート! 鳥山先生による“未来”トランクスのイラスト到着!セルを倒し平和を掴んだはずの未来のトランクスはなぜ再び現代へ現れたのか…未来の新たなる敵とは…?お楽しみに!


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  1. The next enemy is said to be Black Goku. Pretty interesting, can we get super dubbed any faster xD

    • I think this will be what boosts the show’s popularity. Hopefully the villain isnt just Cell again, I’m tired of them rehashing old material.

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