Dragon Ball Z Voice Actor Audio Leak Controversy

The web’s Dragon Ball Z community has been set ablaze with controversy today. Audio recordings of several of Funimation’s Dragon Ball Z voice actors have leaked, featuring the actors making statements related to homophobia, sex, rape and incest; all while in character.

Much of the controversy is centered around the voice actor for Goku, Sean Schemmel, who is heard in the recordings using a homophobic slur. However, there are several recordings, made by several voice actors that can be heard in the video below:

While Sean and other voice actors have yet to release a statement, the Dragon Ball fan community is deeply divided on their opinions over the recordings. While some fans take offense, others dismiss the recordings as jokes:

The situation is compounded by past issues surrounding Broly voice actor, Vic Mignona, which has become a legal battle with Funimation and other voice actors. For those unaware, last February the voice actor was fired after allegations of sexual harassment were made.

What are your thoughts on these audio recordings? Less us know in the comments section!

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