‘Dragon Ball Super’ Timeline Confirmation and Reference to New Character

Dragon Ball Super

The official Twitter account for ‘Dragon Ball Super’ confirmed that the new series, which begins airing in July, will take place after ‘Battle of Gods’ and ‘Revival of F’. The same Twitter post also makes reference to a mysterious new character who is slated to appear in the upcoming series.

We translated the Twitter post for you below:

The new TV series “Dragon Ball Super” by Akira Toriyama begins in July! After meeting with the God of Destruction; Beerus, who had awakened from his sleep, and after the revival of the dreaded “Emperor of the Universe”; Freeza, a new mysterious person appears …?

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  1. Its bullshit. Have none of you watch DBGT? he acheived SS4 not god. When fighing Kid vegita why did he not use the god powers? the creator has gone senile. DBGT was set 10 years after the buu saga so where does the bottle of the got fit into this?.

    • dude you’re retarded. DBGT isn’t even a part of DBZ…
      it’s not even a part of the dragon ball series -.-

  2. I recently watched through the Buu saga again, and I’m on the last couple episodes, and I forgot that these took place 10 years after Buu died. So, I’m confused, are they retconning these last few episodes or what? Did these last few episodes not occur in the manga and are they simply filler? I’m jumping the gun in posting right now since I haven’t actually finished watching these episodes, but perhaps there’s enough ambiguity that it’ll allow for this new series to fit into all that. I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud. Well, typing.

    • No 🙂 They are based between Post Buu saga and Uub appearing.

      Goten and Trunks are still kids in Super 🙂

      Which that Goku has already achieved SSJGSSJ when he fights Uub 🙂

  3. All in all it begins before the “Battle of Gods” – I wonder how they’ll do the “jump”. At least I hope they will have a jump, otherwise the “BoG” film is for naught.

    • Well apparently that’s the case. Because episode 1 stated six months only have passed since Buu’s defeat, and like 5 days later Goku goes training and the next day Beerus comes and Bulma has her birthday party. Seems like Akira wants to make right on the fact that the kids should have changed physically if four years had really past.

      But I just wonder now how he will justify Pan’s new birthday and the fact that this means that they won’t be able to reference Tarble since he’s not been to Earth yet … ( the OVA he is in takes place two years after Buu ).

      Seriously, anime dudes … get your stories right.

  4. this is where the series is going to go, but it does not begins that way, the first episode is clearly before meating bills and the freezer resurrection

    • The Second as well, but if you see the clip of the third episode at the end of the second, you’ll see that it starts exactly where Battle of Gods did, Goku is training at Kaio and with the blue outfit and its Bulmas birthday.. so it’ll catch up eventually..

      • yes but this time the birthday is on a cruise ship. and that’s the odd thing about it, whe wil just need to watch the show for more answers.

        P.S Does somebody know how mutch episodes dragon ball super will have?

    • As I said right upwards, it looks like the series will recton some of the ” timeline ” placements of the movies and OVAs. Clearly only a few days have passed since Episode 1 and this is six months after Buu’s defeat. Not 4 years.

      So BoG movie : useless.

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