Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 62 Review – Edge of Defeat

The latest issue of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 just released and boy is there a lot going on here. Overall it doesn’t look good for Earth so if you haven’t read it yet and dont want spoilers, read it first before continuing.

After consuming Seven-Three Moro goes on a rampage and takes out everyone on the battlefield. Vegeta tries to attack but cant land any punches on Moro and even gets his abilities stolen by Seven-Three’s special ability. Moro then uses Big Bang Attack, Vegeta’s signature move, on him and he is out. They then learn that the copy ability now has no limits while Gohan and Piccolo try to attack. Piccolo is able to grab Moro, while Gohan uses a binding technique on him and Goku lands his Kamehameha destroying one of his arms. But since he kept all of Seven-Three’s copies, he has Piccolo’s regeneration and with his new hand punches a hole in Goku’s chest. If he had any remnants of the heart virus, it should be completely gone now. Gohan is enraged and attacks Moro, but none of his hits are doing any damage.

Meanwhile, Denden flies down to help since he has his healing ability as well as Krillin with his sensu beans. But Moro hears their plan as Denden telepathically talks to Piccolo and forms a barrier around the fighters so they cant get in. Androids 17 and 18 try to attack, but are taken out with one shot by Moro’s finger guns. Piccolo then tries to use a special move that will blow everything up, but Moro has Seven Three’s copy of his special beam cannon and takes him out. All the Z fighters are down and only Jaco is left standing. As Denden is feeling useless, a hole appears in the barrier and you see an Angel, not sure whether this is Whis or Merus using the staff to allow him in. Moro is about to take out Jaco, but he shoots and we see a second shot as well. It is Agent Merus in his Galactic Patrol uniform and he infused his power into the shot. Moro then says “You aren’t really Galactic Patrol are you?” With Merus smirking.

So as many have guess Merus comes to save the day, but does he have the blessing of the gods to do this and was it him or whis who let Denden into the barrier? These are all questions as there may be repercussions if he breaks the angel laws. Also, if he is in Galactic Patrol form, he doesn’t have the staff, which gives him a lot more powers. It will be interesting to see what happens next month. What are your thoughts on this chapter?

Edit: It looks like it was Merus who let Denden or Little Green if you have been watching Dragon Ball Abridged, since the front of his gown doesn’t have the diamonds that Whis has. And as mentioned in Chapter #55 he cannot use his angel powers as that constitutes combat so my guess is that he is there to buy time for Denden to revive everyone…

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