Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 61 Review – Vegeta Reborn

The latest issue of DBS Manga dropped early this morning and there is a lot to digest here so if you haven’t read it yet, make sure to read it before going further below as I will be going over this chapter including an overview of what happens including my thoughts.


This chapter starts out with Vegeta and Moro going back and forth with Piccolo providing color commentary on the side. At first Jaco thinks Vegeta is losing and just can’t accept losing, but he starts to land more and more blows and Piccolo notices that it isn’t necessarily vegeta getting stronger, but Moro getting weaker. We then see drops of spirit leaving Moro and Goku recognizes the technique that Vegeta calls Forced Spirit Fission or in laymen terms, he’s beating the spirit that Moro stole out of him. Moro slowly returns to his weakened form as a spirit ball forms over the fight. Vegeta then released the spirit back from where they came from and Goku explains that it tears things apart that were combined through fusion or absorption. Vegeta tells Piccolo that he can even liberate the spirits he absorbed a long time ago and then goes on to rib Goku about being more talented.

Vegeta further goes on to beat up Moro and laments about having a fair fight without relying on techniques like fusion and absorption. As the spirit returns to their home planets, Elder Pybara mentions that not everyone will be revived once they receive their stolen spirit due to the time that has passed, only those with potent life forces like the Namekians. This is followed by those on New Namek waking up and returning to life and Esca is able to sense them. Piccolo goes on to reminisce about how Vegeta originally came to earth to destroy it and now he is trying to save earth from Moro in an attempt to wipe his slate clean. He comments on how far Vegeta has grown, but Goku has not changed from day one and that is OK. Vegeta then asks Jaco if he wants Moro dead or alive and he says to crush him. They only kept him locked up because no one was strong enough to deal with him.

Moro, now in his extremely weakened old form, then has a conversation with Vegeta about going to hell and he basically replies, I will see you there. Vegeta is about to finish him off when Moro says he still has Magic and vanishes. He is seen flying up to the prisoner transport ship where Seven Three and Shimorekka are waiting. Can’t tell if he blasts Shimorekka or steals his spirit, but he is toast and says he kept a backup inside Seven Three and physically eats him essentially fusing with him. Goku notes that his energy is bigger than before and Vegeta is one shot back to earth and is shown in base form on the ground. We see the fused Moro saying he used the backup in Seven Three and that they came so close to defeating him. That is the end of the chapter.

So now we have to wait another month to see what happens, but a few things with the ending here. First if Moro saved a backup, should this be just techniques and not spirit since Seven Three wasn’t that powerful? And if they did fuse shouldn’t it just be a combination of the two’s power? Finally wouldn’t Vegeta’s new technique allow him to separate Seven Three from Moro? Some of this just doesn’t make sense so we will have to see how this is all worked out next month. The fused Moro also looks like one of the bad guys out of Dragon Ball Heroes. Anyways, that’s it for this chapter, let me know what you think about this chapter and how this arc will end.