Dragon Ball Super Manga #63 – Merus’s Resolve

So lots going on with this months manga chapter so if you haven’t already done so, please read it if you dont ant any spoilers.

This chapter starts off with Jaco asking Merus question about where he has been and what he is doing as he fights Moro. Moro cant detect any life energy in Moro and suspects he is a deity as he gets hit. Jaco then realizes that all the Z Fighters are gone and it is revealed that Whis transported them away so that Dende can heal them. Whis and Beerus are annoyed at having to keep helping them, but they fly off to Bulma’s place to get some food.

Goku is the first to be revived and he is worried that Merus will disappear if he uses his angel powers to fight and flies down to help them. What is interesting here is that Moro actually gets in a hit on Merus, but I suspect this is due to his non angel form. Goku arrives and wants to take over after using the Sign form, but he is no match for Moro and gets one shot. He gets frustrated because he has made no progress even with the training, but Merus reveals that he will complete the training.

Moro extends his arm behind Merus and grabs hold of his neck attempting to steal his powers, but Merus summons his angel staff and breaks Moro’s arm. Beerus and Whis can sense this and they decide to return to the battle field to stop him so they dont get in trouble with the Grand Priest. Whis is masterful here as he defers everything to Beerus since angels are suppose to stay neutral.

Merus sees the copy ability as a threat and decides to seal the technique by destroying the crystals in Moro’s hands and on his forehead with his angel staff. What is also interesting here is that he uses it like a gun and shoots out beams from it. We never seen any angel actually fight so this is just a small glimpse of their abilities. Merus also explains that although he is suppose to stay neutral, he was motivated by the heart shown by the Galactic Patrol since they are weaker than most of the enemies they confront and that give him a sense of justice.

There is a flashback when Merus is training with Goku in the time chamber and they talk about how Goku’s values is similar to that of the Galactic Patrol in that they do not kill their enemies but allowing them to reform and Merus finds this interesting.

As Beerus and Whis return, Merus is already half gone as he is transparent and has one attack left, which he uses to destroy the last crystal on Moro’s forehead sealing his attack stealing technique. Beerus worries how they will explain this to the Grand Priest. The last few panels show Merus disintegrating Thanos style telling Goku that if he achieves MUI, it will be more table than before. Jaco is perplexed at what is going on, Goku is mad, and Whis thinks his brother is weird. The very last panel shows the back of Goku similar to right after Freiza blows up Krillin on Namek and right before he turns Super Saiyan for the first time.

So wow that was kind of depressing and I assume Merus sacrificing himself will finish Goku’s training to master Ultra Instinct. I didn’t think Merus would go all out but apparently he thought that was the only way to push Goku to the next level so he can save earth. Unfortunately, this just follows the typical ending where Goku achieves the next form and saves the day. Hopefully I’m wrong here, but this seems to be where this arc is heading. Anyways, looking forward to next month and hopefully the end to this arc.

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