Dragon Ball Super Card Game

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The official Dragon Ball website posted a video introducing the DBS card game featuring Kyle and Jason. They spent some time promoting the game, which is for English speaking countries, about 40 in total. Cards are said to be beautiful and the game has a straightforward strategy that captures the essence of DB battles.

They go on to explain the type of cards, four total including Leader Card – Your Hero, Battle Card – Fighters, Extra Card – Support, and Unison Card – Special second leader. There are also five colors associated with the cards, but they didnt really explain the meaning behind the colors so maybe in another video.

Finally, to win the game, you either reduce your opponents life to zero or they run out of cards. To setup the game, you have one hero card and a 50-60 card deck. You start off drawing six cards and can have one mulligan or redo. Then you place eight cards in your life area. Would be nice to show how the game flow goes and maybe a practice game, but i guess they gotta take baby steps.

If you plan to purchase and compete in this card game, please let us know in the comments and also what you think of the game.

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