Dragon Ball News for the Week of November 27th, 2023

Good morning Dragon Ball fans and hope you all had a good weekend. Welcome to another episode of weekly Dragon Ball news where they focused most of the episode of the Legends Festival 2023. This is a game you can download and play on your phone, but I never really got into it as it seems to move on its on with lots of swiping and not a lot of fighting. They added SSGSS Evolved Vegeta and SSGSS Kaiken Goku as well as Gohan Beast.

As far as figures and products go, Sold Edge Works Ultimate Gohan and Gohan Beast will be available at game centers across Japan tomorrow. For those stateside, you can pre-order these from BBTS. They are also releasing a new binder for Super Dragon Ball Heroes based on the Cell Arc. It also includes 14 cards with one avatar card and special card sleeves. Finally, Gashopon will be releasing series 03 of their Dragon Ball line early next week and we will have more info on that when it is released.

As always, thanks for visiting and I hope you have a Super Week!

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