Dragon Ball News For The Week of November 15th

This is a big week for Dragon Ball news, especially towards the end of the week with the three day Tamashii Nations 2021 Event. Looking forward to a new Dragon Ball Figuarts release as well as new prototypes during the event. If you don’t remember last year’s event, they had an online VR style walkthrough of different Tamashii series where you could zoom in on different products.

The January edition of V-Jump also drops on Saturday so we will see what the Heeter’s wish is, just hope it isn’t a cliff hanger. Theres also a new SSGSS Vegeta and DBS Future Trunks figure that we covered in the November release schedule!

Finally, Victory Asada goes over the 11th Anniversary Super Guide. You can watch the esntire episode here and have a Super week!

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