Dragon Ball News for the Week of May 22nd, 2023

Its another week and this week’s Dragon Ball news started with last weeks announcements including the 30th Anniversary of V-Jump that featured three Dragon Ball Heroes cards based on the three cards released in the V-Jump from 2010 right before the release of Dragon Ball heroes. The three cards include Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. Also in the new issue is information on games like Dokkan Battle and Legends.

Also announced last week was the Goku Black Ultimate Deck for the hugely popular Dragon Ball Card game.

This Friday is the launch of Tamashii World Tour in Japan. Unlike in New York, this goes until July 18th so hopefully we see some of the Anniversary Figures on Japanese auction sites for purchase. Finally, this Friday will see the release of new Dragon Ball SD on youtube. This is a gag version of the Dragon Ball Z manga and hopefully they will be able to finish the Namek arc and move on to the Androids.

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