Dragon Ball News for the Week of May 13th, 2024

Good morning and welcome to another episode of weekly Dragon Ball News!

This episode started with a review of last week’s news including Goku Day and Goku’s Greatest Fights. The results will be posted this summer and a new product will be made out of the final selection. They also invited the product manager for Fusion World to introduce the new booster pack released last week. They also announced some special Frieza and Vegeta cards as well.

To kick of this week’s news, they are hosting a Fusion World Championship 2024-2025 Wave 1 Regional Preliminary Tournament in Tokyo this weekend on Satruday, March 18th. The strongest players from all around Japan will be competing. The top 16 will recieve a special card for their work.

Normally, this would be the week we get previews for the the upcoming DBS manga, but it looks like there is no release this month either. Hopefully they will release a new manga next month.

That’s it for this week’s news. You can watch the entire episode below and I hope you have a Super Week!

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