Dragon Ball News for the Week of March 18th, 2024

Good morning Dragon Ball Fans!

In today’s episode of Weekly Dragon Ball News they invited the Product Manager for S.H. Figurats to talk about the new GT Trunks Figure. Found it interesting that the pockets also articulate so you can put his hands in there. He also brought out GT Goku and also GT Pan that was displayed at NY Comicon and this will be released in the near future. Pan doesn’t seem to come with the robot though. And where is GT Vegeta?

For this week’s news, the next issue of Weekly Jump will release on Thursday with the conclusion of the fight between Gohan Beast and UI Goku. Sand Land will also be coming to Hulu and Disney Plus on March 20th. I cant remember if the movie ever released here or not, but still have yet to see that. There will also be new episodes of Dragon Ball SD this weekend showing the fight between SSJ Goku and Android 19. They still haven’t mentioned anything about Toriyama, which is a bit odd.

Anyways, that is it fort his week’s news. Thank you all for your support and have a Super Week!

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