Dragon Ball News for the Week of July 25th, 2022

So after an exciting weekend, this week’s Dragon Ball news is a bit of a short one. They start off with a recap of last week’s news including the release of V-Jump and the exlusive card Gogta BM. Next is the manga released last week with V-Jump as well as the fifth round of presents for DB moviegoers. I dont know how many people are rewatching this to get these presents?

For this week’s news, Dragon Ball Z is collaborating with CASETiFY on some new phone cases and a Dragon Ball radar. As far as figures go, Clearise SSJ Vegeta will be available on July 26th, and Blood Of Saiyans Gohan on the 28th. Dragon Ball Z Potekoro Mascots M size go on sale at the end of July. We havent really talked much about this, but they look like Disney Tsum Tsum figures. Finally Victory Uchida announced that on next weeks broadcast, Toyotarou will be answering questions to celebrate the release of volume 19 of Dragon Ball Super Manga!

As always, have a Super Week…

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