Dragon Ball News for the Week of January 9th, 2023

It’s another overcast day here in Southern California and a new episode of Weekly Dragon Ball News is now available. This week is a continuation of last week’s interview with Tayotarou sensei as Victory Uchida calls him and this time he spends the whole episode talking while drawing the two new Super Hero characters Trunks and Goten. He starts off with a basic outline of where the characters will be and Uchida immediately noticed the fingers identify which one is X1 and X2.

The first thing I noticed, which i didnt before was that he is left handed and this was interesting, but not really all the peculiar even though most people are right handed. Anyways, he starts off drawing Trunks and they talk about how difficult it must be to do his hair since it isn’t the typical rectangular super saiyan hair and then he mentions that Trunk’s hair changes bit by bit throughout the series. When he was a kid, it was side parted and then it went to center parted. He also talked about the modelling for the characters as they get older as they are teens now and not quite as muscular as adults, but different from kids. Finally, with trunks, he mentions on design of the costume that he has a hard time getting right.

Then he moves on to Goten and the face always starts off with Goku, but when he got to the hair, it is a design that Toriyama has used a lot, with variation. They also talk about the smarts of each character with Trunks being a genius thanks to genes from his mom and Goten having to work for it more like his brother, but they both go to a prestigious school. He also talks about how he draws eyes and leaves the pupils outside the lines so to speak. He also mentions how he was surprised with games being made into a movie, as it use to be normal with anime’s being made into a game. Not sure how long the whole process took but he also inked it at the end, but i want to say about 30-45 minutes for the sketch.

The next issue of DBS will release on the 20th and the preview should be available later this week. As always, have a Super Week!

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