Dragon Ball News for the Week of January 8th, 2024

Good morning Dragon Ball Fans!

Today we have part two of the interview with Toyotaro sensei and this week he talks with Victory Uchida about his thought process when approaching the manga of Dragon Ball Super. It includes his workflow, tone, manual vs digital art, sizing the art panels, pauses between fighting, imaginary line and left to right orientation especially in fighting, using Toriyama’s style, and at the end they go through and talk about some memorable scenes from Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. This is another long episode and I recommend that you watch through the episode with translation turned on as it is very interesting and a lot more than i can dictate here in writing.

Also, it seems like the people behind the scenes are going to do a big push of the IP in the next ten years and we will be getting a lot more Dragon Ball during the years to come so I will be covering that as news comes. For now, check out the video below.

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