Dragon Ball News for the Week of January 2nd, 2023

For the first episode of the new year, the official site invited Toyotarou to pick his mind about the ending of the Granolah arc and also the start of the Super Hero arc. This is the first in a two part series so he will be back next week to show off his drawing techniques.

Toyotarou talked about the ending of the Granolah arc and how the appearance of Black Frieza kinda came out of nowhere, but they had referenced him for almost two years during the arc and it wouldn’t have made sense not to bring him in, but by doing so it caused a bit of a surprised so they thought that was a good thing. Their decision to make him black after gold was due to credit card rankings where the next step up after gold cards was black for some reason. For the value of coins there’s also palladium, but palladium Frieza doesn’t really have the same ring to it. Toyotarou also mentioned that his favorite scene from the arc was when Frieza appeared rather than his black transformation.

They then started talking about the super hero arc and the decision to move away from our two protagonists Goku and Vegeta to reign in the story more so its based on earth. They always wanted to focus on Trunks to show that the normal version was quite different from the Future version. And all the characters that they designed for the new arc looked more human than alien. Even the zombies were designed to look more goofy than scary. Toyotarou’s favorite character from the movie was in fact Dr. Hedo like all the director’s and I do hope he does more after the Super Hero arc in the greater DB universe. He also liked Beast Gohan, Orange Piccolo, and Cell Max. It looks like in the next chapter, we will see Mai goto school with Trunks for the romantic comedy that DB isnt really known for and we will find out the importance of the disc. Also to note, the scene with Trunk’s riding his bicycle looks very similar to a scene where Goku is riding his bicycle so I dont know if that was intentional or what but we will see.

That’s it for this week and even in the New Year, I hope you all have a Super Week!

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