Dragon Ball News for the Week of January 22nd, 2024

Good morning Dragon Ball Fans. It’s a rainy morning here in the high desert of Southern California, but we do have a new episode of Weekly Dragon Ball News!

From last week, Gashopon released their new line of waiting figures, and there was a new issue of V-Jump with a new chapter for Dragon Ball Super. Finally, there is a new tournament coming up for the Dragon Ball Super Fusion World card game.

For this week’s news, it is all about the upcoming Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour in Los Angeles. There will be goods, DB Daima panel, and of course the gaming tournament. No word yet on new figures, but there will probably be more announcement as the week goes on. Finally, there will be new episodes of Dragon Ball SD with the first appearance of Android 19 and 20 and i will be posting those when they are available.

Thank you again for visiting and hope you have a Super Week!

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