Dragon Ball News for the Week of January 15th, 2024

It’s another week and we have a new episode of Weekly Dragon Ball News.

They introduced the special SEC cards that were announced last week with Super Dragon Ball Heroes Meteor Mission 2 with Kopei showing off the cards. Pre-orders of the Sand Land game also started last week and the game will be available on April 25th. I believe there is a version that comes with figures, but I dont think the movie has released here yet, has it? Would be nice to see the movie first, as that would make more people interested in the game.

For this week’s news, Gashopon is releasing a new series of figures with characters sitting down with unimpressed faces. No pre-orders available stateside yet, but i will update when there is. Finally, the next issue of V Jump will go on sale this Friday, January 19th so we will get the next chapter in the Dragon Ball Super manga. I will be posting a review of that when it comes out.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you all have a Super Week!

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