Dragon Ball News for the Week of December 25th, 2023

It is the end of December already and I want to wish everyone who visits a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We have a new episode of Weekly Dragon Ball News today and most of it focuses on the stuff from last week like the release of the chapter 100 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. There is also the release of the new Dragon Stars figures that I posted about a while ago and you can check it out here. Finally, there is segment about Dragon Ball Legends and the UI Sign Goku character with the special artwork done by Toyotarou.

For this week’s news, there will be a new Blood of Saiyans Broly figure available at game centers in Japan. There will also be new episodes of Dragon Ball SD via the Saikyo Jump Youtube channel later this week. Finally, a special episode of WDN next week will feature Toyotarou Sensei as he reflects on the 100th chapter and issue 22 so stay tuned.

As for this site, I am planning to do some major updates to the backend of the site later this week so there may be some disruptions on the front end. I will post more once I have a better idea of when it will all go down.

Thats it for now, thanks again for visiting, and I hope you all have a Super Week!

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