Dragon Ball News for the Week of August 7th, 2023

Summer is slowly coming to an end as we are in the month of August with fall around the corner. This week’s Dragon Ball News features heavily on all the manga releases from last week. They are also promoting Sand Land that is scheduled to release in Japan later this month. Unfortunately, it wont arrive stateside until 2024, which is unfortunate as this should be released here within a week or two in this day and age.

As for the manga’s there is the new Dragon Ball Super manga as well as Super Dragon Ball Heroes and Avatars. Sand Land is also releasing a manga as well with notes from Toriyama sensei.

Not much in figures this week, but they are releasing a new series of coasters. Not sure if these will make here, but will update if it does.

That’s all the news for now! I appreciate you all for visiting and hope you all have a Super Week!

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