Dragon Ball News For the Week of August 23rd

Let’s start the week with some Dragon Ball News! The episode started off going over last weeks news including the release of V-JUMP October issue. It features comments from the Comicon at home panelist about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie as well as the continuation of the Granolah arc.

On August 20th, S.H. Figuarts released the SSJ Kefla figure and they interviewed Mr. Okamoto who is the project leader as he talks about the design of the figure. The two points they focused most were the hair as it is one of the more noticeable parts of the figure and also the body to show a sleek, yet muscular figure. You can read our post on it here.

For this week’s news, Dragon Ball Adverge Motion 5 released today in Japan and you can pre-order here on BBTS.

Dokkan Battle, a cell phone game that first started in Japan and is now a world-wide game for both Android and IOS is celebrating its 350 millionth download with a “Worldwide Celebration! Countdown Campaign”. You can read more about it here.

Finally, Glitter & Glamours is releasing two new Videl figures as part of the Gaming Center Series. This is also available on BBTS with a September release date. Ver. A and Ver. B. If you’re wondering, the shoes are different colors.

CLICK HERE to watch the entire episode and have a great week!

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