Dragon Ball News for the Week of August 1st, 2022

It’s august folks and the last full month of summer. This week’s Weekly Dragon Ball News takes on a different format as Victory Uchida interviews Tyotarou for the release of the Dragon Ball Super Manga Volume 19th. For sharp eyed viewers, you will noticed that he is wearing a Bathing Ape DBS Super Hero T-Shirt and this collab was never announced on the official site, but apparently it was a Japan only release. I checked out the website and there were several t-shirts, a hoodie, and a tote bag for sale. Gotta say, i like the hoodie, but it is a bit expensive. Unfortunately they are all sold out so no hoodies for us!

The interview was pretty interesting and i encourage you to watch the hole thing and make sure to turn on subtitles in English. This is part one of two im assuming so there will be more next week. The questions that were submitted are as follows:

  • What is Granolah’s height, weight, and age?
  • What is your favorite weapon that Gas uses?
  • Do the Heeters have other family members?
  • How strong were Granolah and Gas before making the wishes with Dragon Balls?
  • Was it Granolah’s father who destroyed the moon of Planet Cereal during the Saiyan attack?
  • For Volumes 4 and 17 of the DBS manga, why were Goku and Vegeta’s hair colors different even though they were in the same form?
  • Who do you like better Goku or Vegeta?
  • Favorite scene in the Super Hero movie?

You can watch the entire interview below:

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