Dragon Ball News for the Week of April 30th, 2024

Good morning and welcome to the golden week edition of Weekly Dragon Ball News! Aside from New Years, this is one of the biggest holidays in Japan so there wont be a whole lot of news this week. Hopefully there are some big announcements following the break, especially about the manga!

They mostly covered last week’s news including Super Dragon Ball Heroes Meteor Mission #4 and the producer, the Ryu inspired Kopei showed off the secret cards that are part of the set. They briefly talked about Sand Land the game that was also released last week and the book that supports it.

This week’s news mainly covers the release of Saikyo Jump on Thursday and the release of all the side manga’s including Super Dragon Ball Heroes avatar, and Sand Land. Theres also information on the new card game Fusion World, and a special card that is included.

Anyway’s that’s it for this week’s news. You can watch the entire episode below and I hope you have a Super Week!

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